Knowledge that doesn’t know

The knowledge that doesn’t know is the knowledge that doesn’t know. Like that of ‘Winnie The Pooh’.

Ever wondered what makes the no-knowing Pooh the true Hero ! And not the clever thinker Rabbit, or the scholarly thinker Owl (who calls himself WOL), or the cynical thinker Donkey. If it were cleverness, or knowledge or cynicism mattered most, Rabbit would be the Hero, or the Owl, or the Donkey.

While the Rabbit’s pursuit of knowledge is for the sake of ‘Cleverness’, the Owl’s is that for the sake of ‘Appearing Wise’ , and the Donkey’s is that for the sake of ‘Complaining about something’. And Pooh’s .. “Well, to begin with, what is knowledge !”

The clever Rabbit, and the wise scholarly Owl, and the cynical Donkey .. they all know how to describe the “Uncarved Block” in words. Pooh can’t. Pooh doesn’t know. For Pooh knows that ‘Uncarved Block’ just is. That’s the nature of the ‘Uncarved Block’.


“Well, to begin with .. If anyone knows anything, it is the Owl who knows everything about everything”, says Pooh to himself. So he goes to Owl to know something, like ‘how to do, what to do’!

“Well” said Owl, “the customary procedure is like this …”

“What does Crustimoney Proceedcake mean”, said Pooh. “For I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and don’t get long words”

“It means ‘Things to do'”, explained Owl, with not misc ease.

“As long as it means that, I don’t mind”, said Pooh humbly.


Well, to begin with .. It seems, there is more to ‘Knowing’ than just being ‘Knowledgeable’.

As I ask us, “How much do we know & How!!” , Pooh smiles a smile.

Neena Verma .. Well, how do I know, how not to know !! If you know, please help me know


29th Dec 2016 .. On the Cusp .. Before 30th Dec 2016

pink-blackHonourable PM of India


Today ‘We The People of India’ are sitting on the cusp of … “Not yet over misery” and “Yet to be seen miracle” of demonetization.

Today … Please take a pause & ponder over the purpose of your position. Please rest & reflect on the responsibility that your role seeks. Please ask your authority to lay & allow authentic engagement.

The compliance to Demonetization is more out of coercive implementation, not because a coherent & convincing economic reasoning was offered. The compliance continued despite the colossal adversity it brought upon the substantive majority of People of India, who have nothing to do with “black/ terror money”; even as miniscule minority of these money-owners got easy escapes, or may be escapades.

As for the saga of “black money”, everybody knows where lay the mice in the house. The coordinated silence of the mice intrigues. And the emergence of “pink as the new black” frightens. However, the credibility that the Constitution accords upon it, empowers only the elected Govt. to name the mice, and reinforce confidence in currency, whatever be its colour.

Today … we are sitting on the cusp when trust must restore that we are governed by a democratically elected Govt.

Today … is a day, Honourable PM, when the Nation is waiting for you to initiate dialogue with its people. Your time & wisdom are precious for the Nation. Please spend it judiciously on engaging with us. Your political distractions do not help our cause. Neither do they serve the purpose of your position.

With Light & Hope

A common citizen & fellow Indian

Let us go viral with our “Call for One-Humanity, Peace & Love” … Today


Hostility brewing across Indo-Pak border, and terrorism swallowing Humanity & childhood in many parts of the World. Is this just geo-political problem ! Does it not concern each one of us in Human Universe, in Business World, in Management Sphere ! Those of us willing & courageous to look deep & understand real, can easily see the economic engine behind the business of terrorism, war & cross-border hostility.

What is the whole meaning of swearing by & for peace on “International Peace Day” , if we quickly forget it , like any other fancy day like Valentines, Mother’s, Father’s Days etc. , which again are nothing but roaring business models.

Aren’t we capable of creating small & big ripples of Peace & Humanity in our limited circles. Let us remember the Great Wall of China was not built by the same handfuls overnight. Hundreds of small team had taken up small patches in different parts of its circumference, unaware of other teams working elsewhere. They all made their small impacts here & there, and were astounded to see the final product of one unimaginable long solid wall.

We too can build bridges of Humanity, Peace & Love, if we all start committedly , right where we are, without caring about what others are doing. What matters is what I can do, am willing to do, and have started doing with single-minded unwavering devotion.

We visit social-media ‘n’ number of times a day. Lets us deluge social media space with our message & call for One-Humanity, Peace & Love. Let us make our call viral. Let us Start right now, right where we are. Let us march for & spearhead the cause of One-Humanity, Peace & Love … Today.

Curiously awaiting your views.

With Love & Light … Neena Verma

“a mother’s cry .. a mother’s celebration” … My Book

“a mother’s cry .. a mother’s celebration”  

… ‘this book’ (‘introduction’ section) …

Namaste dear friends.

My blog is chiming after a long time.

In the coming few weeks, I would be sharing glimpses of my book, “a mother’s cry .. a mother’s celebration” with you through my blog “neenavermachimes”. As I invoke you to read, I humbly seek to clarify that this book, is not a book.

This is a poem and a prayer, on my transcendental pilgrimage from ‘grief to grace’. This is the story of my life since 24th Sep, 2014, a Wednesday evening, when my son transcended to the world beyond the worlds. He had come in this world on 24th June 1992, another evening of another Wednesday. Is this just trivia, or is there a synchronicity to the confluence of his life and death, I don’t know.

My story is personal, yet it is humbling to know that what is so personal is also universal. Bereavement, despair, ache, yearning happen to all. We all bear the pain of grief. And we are all blessed with the grace to transcend. Nature gifts us openings, may be more than once, to heal, transcend and re-emerge.

… shall continue chiming

with love & light, neena


Freedom And Responsibility

Humankind has been at several interesting thresholds while transiting through various phases of its evolution. Never before have we experienced such intense craving for ‘freedom’ as we do now, almost to the extent of being a compelling demand. And never before has this craving been so absolute and singular that the ‘freedom with responsibility’ is preferred as a separate, un-linked point of reflection.

As we greet and celebrate another independence day … its worth reflecting what ‘responsibility’ does our ‘freedom’ construe … naturally so, not as a matter of obligation. Some of us may argue out the relevance of ‘cost of freedom’ as a topic for reflection, suggesting it might have been more relevant during our post-independence, under-developed times. And that in the present times of economic, social & cultural boundary-lessness , ‘freedom’ is a given. Indeed. In-fact it should ideally have been so at all times and in all spaces of human world. That said, freedom creates greatest of all the human powers and “with great power comes great responsibility”, said Gandalf (Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings) or more famously Uncle Parker (Spiderman). I wonder what would be our reaction if some day all our ‘given’ freedoms are taken back because we are found ‘not responsible enough’.

‘Freedom’ and ‘Responsibility’ have a symbiotic nature. They are entwined. ‘Freedom’ without ‘Responsibility’ may turn perilous. It may give some individuals (or sections of society) a temporary advantage but not without causing a permanent disadvantage to the collective. There may be safety from ‘blame’ today but such ‘blame-proofing’ makes the ‘sustained freedom’ rather unsafe. Likewise ‘Responsibility’ without ‘Freedom’ may feel burdensome and weaken a sense of ‘free-will ownership’.

In my personal view (open to correction, if so needed) , it may not be as easy to find examples of the latter kind as that of the former. Having said that, being an ‘Appreciative Inquirer’ , I want to focus on reasons and ways of weaving together ‘freedom’ and ‘responsibility’.

In my personal view (open to correction, if so needed) , it may not be as easy to find examples of the latter kind as that of the former. However, being an ‘Appreciative Inquirer’ , I want to focus on reasons and ways of weaving together ‘freedom’ and ‘responsibility’.

At the collective level, the industry and business world is called with an utmost urgency to mainstream ‘sustainability and inclusive development’ as a core business mandate. They have to rise beyond their utilitarian and profit-centric focus, and own their responsibility to design new-age economies, which exist for & with society & ecology, creating an inclusive, collective flourish. It is heartening to see growing awareness for ‘sustainable and socially responsible business’. There is now a statutory mandate for business to spend a certain amount of their net-profits on such agenda. However, this mindset must grow beyond ‘compliance-driven mandatory spend’ to ‘ownership-inspired creative mainstreaming’.

At individual level, we as citizens have to offer as much or more to co-create the nation of our choice, as we expect our nation to offer to us. We don’t have to look for big opportunities which get us fame , rather commit ourselves to small everyday acts of ‘responsible citizen behaviours’.

But even more importantly than all these, all of us Indians must come forward to voluntarily co-own responsibility for absolute inter-faith, inter-class, inter-creed appreciation and harmony. On this independence day, let us all take a vow to make our ‘freedom’ worthy & meaningful.

Jai Hind

Chiming to invoke the poet within … for my poetry is my ‘appreciative self’

Its amazing
when having been flattering yourself
that you know the so-called big truths of life
you suddenly realise that you knew them
no more than as piece of information

But its even more amazing
when in a moment of deep humbling
you let seemingly small pearls of awareness
embellish you with their simplicity

In this post, I chime to share my joy
over being embellished by this simple pearl of awareness
poetry is my cathartic transformation
when I let my emotions flow
I do not get drowned in them
instead they make me eloquent
they become touching poetry

I feel my poetic breathes distinct and strong
every time I am in an intense emotional state

In the past, I would be surprised, startled
and sometimes even annoyed with myself
for my inability to express, talk or connect
while in a deep emotional state

Until I noticed that
behind the silent veil of my disengaged self
quiet flows the river of emotions … inside me
eloquent, effervescent and very much engaged

Sometimes, its tone is melancholic
and sometimes its sanguine and drunk on its own joy
Nonetheless, it always … always
fills my inner world with its rich rawness

The outer world complains and advises
but coming from and engaging
with a flowing, fulfilling inner self
the one that has tasted its poetic flavour
I am now able to listen, connect and “just be”
alive, present and respectful …
with you, with the world

The poet within me comes alive in my emotions
and quiet flows my poetry
washing away the heaviness of my emotions
bathing them fresh
and dressing them light and beautiful

Its beautiful to realise and celebrate
that my poetry is my ‘appreciative self’

In closing this post,
I chime to invoke the poet within you

and express my deep gratitude to
my poetry inspiration … the legendary Gulzaar Sahab
by sharing one of his most deeply evocative,
but less known nazam

Njoy … and chime back

आज बिछड़े हैं कल का डर भी नहीं
ज़िन्दगी इतनी मुख़्तसर भी नहीं

ज़ख्म दीखते नहीं अभी लेकिन
ठन्डे होंगे तोह दर्द निकलेगा
तैश उतरेगा वक़्त का जब भी
चेहेरा अन्दर से ज़र्द निकलेगा

कहने वालों का कुछ नहीं जाता
सहने वाले कमाल करते हैं
कौन ढूंढें जवाब दर्दों के
लोग तोह बस सवाल करते हैं

कच्ची मिट्टी है दिल भी इंसान भी
देखने ही में सख्त लगता है
आंसू पोंछेंगे आंसू के निशाँ
खुश्क होने में वक़्त लगता है

आज बिछड़े हैं कल का डर भी नहीं
ज़िन्दगी इतनी मुख़्तसर भी नहीं

Baisakhi heralds … Appreciation, Gratitude, Offering, Abundance & Enlightenment

On the auspicious occasion of ‘Baisakhi’ (the first day of the solar year, as per North Indian traditions), I wish us all well-being, meaning, joy and abundance.

Coming from a Punjabi background, I should have actually begun by saying “Baisakhi di lakh-lakh badhayee”

The day of ‘Baisakhi’ is significant in many ways …

… It heralds the new year (per solar calculation)

… It is the harvest, and therefore gratitude & celebration time

… It is on this day, that Guru Gobind Singh (the Tenth Sikh Guru) founded the ‘Akal Khalsa Pnath’ (the Community of the Pure) and called on the Sikhs to sacrifice for their community

… It is on the Baisakhi Day that Guru Gobind Singh administered amrit (nectar) to his first batch of five disciples (the Panj Piaras) making them Singhs, a martial community

… It is on this day that Swami Dayanand Saraswati founded the Arya Samaj – a reformed sect of Hindus who are devoted to the Vedas for spiritual guidance

… And some legends say, it is on this very day that Buddha came into life, attained enlightenment and also attained moksha (left life)

In essence, this day represents … invocation, auspicious beginning, accomplishment, offering, spiritual pursuit, enlightenment etc. So I choose to make an important beginning on this auspicious day … invoking your appreciative readership and creative partnering to co-create a space of humble inquiry, generative learning and shared growth.

Lets fill our world with

meaning … the reason to be

appreciation … attitude of gratitude

inquiry … creative path to learning and growth

abundance … the collective richness

To begin our shared pilgrimage, I invite you to my signature offering “Appreciative Coaching for Transformation” , offered as a combined endeavor of two of my generative learning spaces …

AIM … Appreciative Inquiry Mosaic &

N-CORE … Neena Verma Coaching Repertoire

Please visit      to download flyer, or reach me at coordinates mentioned below.

Looking forward to co-creating your initiation in ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ and ‘Appreciative Coaching for Transformation’ .

Wishing abundance … always

neena verma, PCC +91 – 9910021187 ,